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Van Wert Fir‚Äče Equipment

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Fire Service

- Hydro Testing of SCBA and Cascade Cylinders

- Fire Extinguisher Sales, Recharging, and

  Annual Maintenance Done on Site

- Product Demos

- Presentations on Kitchen Suppression Systems

Commercial & Industrial Services

Fire Extinguishers

   - Sales and Installation of New Extinguishers

   - Monthly and Annual Inspections

   - 6 Year Maintenance

   - Sales of Cabinets, Extinguisher Covers, Signs, and

     Other Related Items

   - On-Site Fire Extinguisher Training Classes

   - Recharges of Extinguishers

Suppression Systems

   - Sales and Installation of New Systems

   - Semi Annual and Annual Inspections

   - Repairs and Upgrades to Existing Systems

Exit and Egress Lights

   - New Fixtures

   - Light Bulb Replacements

   - Battery Replacements

Hydrostatic Cylinder Testing

   - Fire Extinguishers

   - S.C.B.A. Bottles

   - CO-2 Cylinders

   - S.C.U.B.A. Tanks

   - Industrial Gas Cylinders


- Fire Extinguishers

- Smoke Detectors

- Escape Ladders

- Recharge of CO-2 Cylinders: Paintball and Home Beverage        Dispenser Cylinders